Rachel Whittaker Jones
Rachel W Jones

I’m Rachel Whittaker Jones.

My resumé says Florida graduate (Go Gators!), writer and strategic marketer.

But I’m also a Catholic wife, hopefully a mother soon, and a loyal New Orleans Saints fan. I never miss a family holiday, and many Sundays you can find me in Section 257 of the Caesars Superdome.

God gave us one life, a journey that takes us to places we often don’t expect. I went back for my master’s degree at age 31 and started classes 4 days after Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles. A journey doesn’t have to be a straight road. That’s certainly not my story, and I bet it’s not yours either…

Time to Try a New Ministry? God is Calling, You Just Have to Listen

When was the last time you wanted to try something new? Was it when you least expected it? Then you have something in common with the Blessed Mother! As Lent 2022 begins, we’re talking about taking hints when God is calling us to try a new ministry and the rewards that flow. …

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