Perseverance, Faith and Football: Delvin Breaux Remains Unbreauxken

Today’s episode of the Black and Gold Rush Podcast is all about overcoming the odds. 

New Orleans native Delvin Breaux has been through it all, even before his three seasons playing cornerback with the New Orleans Saints.  He tried to commit suicide at age 9 to escape an abusive home, only to break the C4, C5 and C6 vertebrae in his neck about nine years later.

But adversity was no match for Delvin Breaux.  He worked hard, believed in himself and made it to the NFL in 2015, making an instant impact as Ed Block Courage Award winner and a fan favorite.

Now he’s written a brand new autobiography, Unbreauxken, chronicling his own inspiring journey through unthinkable pain to accomplish his goals.


  • Why Delvin Breaux wanted to communicate his story in a book to empower others through their struggles

  • How Breaux’s faith grounds him to this day 

  • Staying focused on life’s big picture isn’t easy, but God is always on time and has a plan for everyone

  • Delvin Breaux’s favorite career moment with the New Orleans Saints (hint: it has nothing to do with the football field and everything to do with people)

  • Breaux’s thoughts on the Saints’ defense and how they were key to the team’s success in 2020


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