A Trip Down Memory Lane with Mike Hoss: Lessons from Jim Henderson, Mike’s Goals as the Voice of the Saints


It’s a New Orleans Saints tradition: Turn down the sound on your TV, pause your DVR and turn up the Saints radio network. Can you hear color analyst Deuce McAllister reciting the promotion between plays? Football season is almost here, and Deuce will have a new play-by-play announcer in the 2021 season – broadcasting icon Mike Hoss – since Zach Strief became the Saints’ assistant offensive line coach.

Hoss arrived in New Orleans in 1989 with no attachment to the city at all. But that changed during his 30+ years in local television – New Orleans is more than a workplace. He met and married his wife here, had children, and saw the Crescent City was different than his previous jobs in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lawton, Oklahoma, or Lubbock, Texas. Hoss moved up the ranks from #3 sports reporter at WWL-TV under former Voice of the Saints Jim Henderson, transitioned to the news side, and became an avid Saints fan and season ticket holder himself (Section 317, anyone?)

So Mike Hoss has worn many hats in the media era, from broadcaster to communications strategist and more. Tune in to Episode 28 of Black and Gold Rush, as host Rachel Jones takes Saints fans behind the scenes of his journey from aspiring pro golfer at James Madison University to being named the newest Voice of the Saints.

  • Mike Hoss grew up in Manassas, Virginia, and went to college on a golf scholarship (8:28)
  • No plan B until his junior year
  • Golf stories on his resume helped him get a job at WWL-TV in New Orleans, a “national powerhouse” (15:35)
  • Lessons from Jim Henderson: “He is a brilliant writer and orator” (22:42)
  • What sparked Mike’s deep connection to the Saints – this time as a fan (29:00)
  • “I became like a crazy person … beyond fanatic” (30:00)
  • What are the final stages of preparation like for his new role (32:39)
  • “Zach and Jim are polar opposites” (37:35)
  • Nerves for his first call? (44:13)
  • Random Round (48:55)

Plus, you might have heard the Saints now have the highest paid right tackle in the NFL! Ryan Ramczyk just signed a five year $96 million contract extension, including $60 million guaranteed.

When I think of Ryan Ramczyk, I think of Mr. Dependable and Mr. Reliable on the Saints offensive line. He’s part of the Saints’ banner 2017 draft class, only missing one game in four seasons. In 70 career games, Ramczyk has been on the field for every single snap 64 times. Now that’s dependable! In 2020, he gave up just two sacks and committed only five penalties.


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Mike Hoss named play-by-play announcer for New Orleans Saints game day broadcasts on WWL

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